Under Graduate Courses

Timings :(8.15 am - 1.15 pm)
Self - Finance
Timings : (1 pm - 5.30 pm)
1. B.A.  History and Tourism 1.  B.C.A
2. B.A.   Economics 2.  B.B.A (Time : 8.10 am-12.40 pm)
3. B.A.   English 3.  B.Sc -  Mathematics
4. B.Sc.  Mathematics 4.  B.Sc -  Computer Science
5.  B.Sc.  Statistics 5.  B.Sc. Visual Communication (Time : 8.10 am-12.40 pm)
6. B.Sc.   Physics 6.  B.Sc ( Home Science : Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics )(Time : 8.10 am-12.40 pm)
7.  B.Sc.  Chemistry 7.  B.Com (Honours)(Time : 8.10 am-12.40 pm)
8.  B.Sc. Plant Biology & Plant Bio-Technology 8.  B.Com (Accounting & Finance) (Time : 8.10 am-12.40 pm)
9.  B.Sc.   Computer Science 9.  B.Com. General
10. B.Com. General 10.  B.Com. (Corporate Secretaryship)
    11. B.Com. (Information Systems Management) (Time : 8.10 am-12.40 pm)
    12. B.Sc. (Nutrition, Food Service Management and Dietetics)(Time : 8.10 am-12.40 pm)
    13. B.Com.-Banking and Insurance Management
    14. B.Com.-Professional Accounting (Time : 8.10 am-12.40 pm)
    15. B.Sc-Psychology
Post Graduate Courses (Self Finance)(Time : 8.10 am-12.40 pm )
1.  M.Com.
2.  M.Sc. Computer Science (Time: 1.00-5.30pm)
3.  Master of Social Work
4.  M.Sc. Applicable Mathematics (Time: 1.00-5.30pm)
5.  M.Sc. Plant Biology and Plant Bio-technology
6.  M.Sc. Bio-Statistics
7.  M.Sc. Physics
8.  M.A. Human Resource and Management
9.  M.A. English
10. M.A. Journalism and Communication
11.  M.Sc. Chemistry
12. M.Sc. Home Science - Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics
13. M.Com.- Accounting and Finance
14.  M.Com.-Corporate Secretaryship(1.00-5.30pm)

  M.Phil (Self Finance) (8.10am - 12.40pm)
 1. M.Phil. Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology
 2. M.Phil. Physics
 3. M.Phil. Commerce
 4. M.Phil. Statistics
 5. M.Phil.Computer Science
  Research Programme - Ph.D. (Aided)
 1. History and Tourism (Full Time and Part Time)
 2. Statistics (Full Time and Part Time)
 3. Physics (Full Time and Part Time)
 4. Plant Biology & Plant Biotechnology (Full Time and Part Time)
 5. Computer Science (Full Time and Part Time)
 6. Commerce (Full Time and Part Time)
 7. Economics (Part Time)
 8. Tamil (Part Time)
 9. Mathematics(Part Time)
 10. English (Part Time)


Our College has signed an MOU with The Institute of Cost Accountants of India on 16.3.2015. Our College has been recognized as a CMA student support centre for conducting Foundation and Intermediate courses. We conduct classes and training for our students. We congratulate the 10 students of the first batch who have cleared their Foundation Exam June 2015

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The College is study center to conduct classes for Foundation and Executive Examinations of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

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UGC Sponsored Career Oriented Certificate Course at First Degree Level

  • Women Entrepreneurship - Offered by Dept. of Commerce
  • Mushroom Cultivation - Offered by Dept. of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology

Certificate Course offered by the College

  • Microprocessor Course offered by Dept.of Physics under DBT Star College Scheme
  • Cosmetology Course offered by Plant Biology & Plant Biotechnology - under DBT Star College Scheme
  • Instrumentation Course offered by Chemistry - under DBT Star College Scheme
  • Radio Jockey Offered by Dept. of Visual Communication
  • Interior Decoration and Flower Arrangement Offered by Dept. of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics(Home Science)
  • Cloud Computing Offered by Dept. of Computer Science
  • Assistant Beautician Offered by Gras Academy
  • Business Correspondent & Business Facilitator & BFSI offered by Akash Foundation
  • Tally offered by History and Tourism
  • Computer Hardware and Software offered by National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology(NIEIT)
  • Data Analysis Using SPSS offered by Statistics
  • Food Preservation Offered by Dept. of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics(Home Science)
  • Free Coaching classes for SC/ST and Minority Students to prepare for TNPSC, UPSC , Bank Exams
  • Spoken Sanskrit